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Fix problems before they happen with our maintenance plans. Our experts will schedule visits before high energy usage periods to keep your heater or AC working smoothly all season. Pre-scheduled maintenance saves you energy and money, so skip the “what-if’s” and stay comfortable all year round with the Home Trade Standards Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan.

We know you don’t want to wait around once something has happened to your furnace or AC, and you don’t want repairs to cost a fortune. With a our Maintenance plan, you will not only get our expert AC and furnace maintenance, but you will also receive service and member benefits. Our service benefits were designed to get technicians to you fast: our Maintenance plan offers priority booking. Our member benefits were designed to keep your wallet full. You’ll enjoy 15% off service, indoor air quality maintenance items, and no overtime service fees 24/7/365.

We can’t think of a much nicer deal for a lower price. You’ll get all the Maintenance services and benefits for less than two individual tune-ups would cost. Call our office at +1 877-749-7990 to enrol today, or conveniently schedule an appointment using the form below.

3 Steps to Heating and Cooling Service and Maintenance

Step 1:

In-Home Consultation

At a pre-scheduled time of your convenience, Home Trade Standards consultant will come to your home and review your systems’ operating efficiency with you for a designated fee. To optimize the results of your maintenance appointment, they will consider many factors such as the age of your system, how well it’s currently working, its repair history, whether you have family members with allergies, whether there are any lingering odours in the home etc.

Step 2:

Professional Maintenance Service

Your installation services professional will complete thorough assessments of your systems. For furnace maintenance, for example, they will work through a comprehensive checklist that includes reviewing carbon monoxide emissions; checking gas valves, lines and connections for leaks etc. Our consultant can also advise you on the type of air filter, whether fiberglass, spun glass, polyester, pleated, electrostatic or washable, best suited to your system and for the level of filtration your family desires. They can also explain the importance of choosing an air filter with a high MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value).

Step 3:

Follow-Up Inspection

Once the work is executed, your technician will meet with you to discuss any questions that you may have relating to how best to maintain the peak operating performance of your systems. They will review the work completed and ensure your satisfaction with the completed service. They will also book your next maintenance appointment.